Aug. 13th, 2015

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i love the cold and dreary, so there's always a certain cache about places and cities being ruthlessly smothered by the clouds and rain. paris these two days has been unwaveringly hot and sweltering -- it's like i never left singapore, and paris doesn't feel so special as it did two winters ago. on the flip side, in the heat it feels like Any City and i haven't had to deal with pesky gypsies or syndicates etc and have felt generally safe walking alone and about, which is good. but i do feel frustrated and angry at the heat and sweat and wish i went off to london earlier before exchange starts (it's 23 degrees there, so ideal). it's a week to london, and i'll be paddle boating through the river with xn and catching the book of mormon with sham (hopefully)! i'll be heading off to poland alone tomorrow -- so scared. sometimes i overestimate myself and how independent and brave i think i am. i teared leaving the house for changi, and again waving bye to my family at the airport. and then i full on cried just as i was boarding the plane but a kind stewardess gave me a box of tissues, so embarrassing. i never knew how hard it was to leave home till now -- i'd always liked to think of myself as a hardened and numbed individual, but perhaps (thankfully?) over the years i've learned to soften the edges.

anyway i shall also take this chance to say -- HI JOYSIE :) 8 years of knowing you and you're finally on my livejournal. hiya! 


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