Feb. 24th, 2015

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i forget now, when and where it was recently that i suddenly wondered about the immediacy of memory, or rather its far-ranging potency, accessibility in the past. memories, so many of them, that used to surround themselves floating about the tips of my fingers have now taken residence somewhere else i don't know of, and it is getting harder to pry the buggers out lately. things are getting so far from me now, and it never fails to surprise whenever i meet a memory that used to be so familiar, but now have vestiges left behind elsewhere, maybe in another me, in another time. and it takes so much effort to claw back the pieces, and there now exists endless speculation on many parts, including my own, on the components and feels to a memory. it seems so sad, that things that were once lived out and retold so many times over find an expiry date to themselves, and it kind of gets more tiring with age to find these things in us again. and it's sad, too, that these things become so far from us, and life now is all lies, or half-realities on the burdens of subjective memory when we try to guesstimate and grasp at impossible, spectral lives we thought we lived.

(p.s. i found enough boredom and procrastination to change my lj layout after 4? 5? 6? years!!! to the 2-3 people who still read this pls go check it out on my main page instead of ur friends page just this one time lol hooray recess week. altho it was rly cos i had no idea how to craft a website design i liked so i decided to go easy and edit my lj layout instead lulz #attainablegoals)


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