Sep. 18th, 2015

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i'm sitting at the seats outside the bibliothèque rené rémond, with a pain au chocolat i got during my daily gosselin run. it's only been 3 weeks -- so short, but yesterday walking to the metro i suddenly got the sense that i'm not ready to only spend three months here. i love the routine of making breakfast, grabbing a yoghurt from the fridge and eating it while walking to the metro. insert the paper ticket and wait for the train towards nation, and alight at pasteur to change towards aubervilliers, and alight at rue du bac for school. when everyone turns into the tiny escalator bringing us up next to boulevard raspail we all get a rude rush of cold air to the face. then i locate the LCL bank and make a turn toward boulevard saint-germain and walk to rue saint-guillaume. sometimes, if i'm early enough, i stop later at solferino to grab the gosselin pastry before walking slowly to school.

which is strange, because just until last week, heading back to paris was always bitter-sweet: the assurance of going home always had a slight tinge to it like i was headed for hell, too. the end of exchange looms so near, because i'm already making october plans, and soon it will be november then december then january... there is so much to see, and the urgency always gets to me. while i love singapore, and there's a comfort in home at the other side of the globe, i also feel like this could be everyday.


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